How to Make Plantain Crusted Frittata

This may very well be the Best Damn Frittata You have ever Eaten One thing I love about frittatas is that they are very forgiving and ohh so easy to make! They’re also great opportunities to use up the leftover ingredients you may have in the fridge. You can also sneak a ton of vegetables […]

How to make a Big Boy (Papaya) Smoothie

Hey Guys, Here’s the video for one of my favorite smoothies the Big Boy ( Papaya) Smoothie. This delicious recipe is also in the ebook you receive, so if you haven’t yet grabbed your copy, what are you waiting for?! One of the main reasons I love this drink so much? Papayas aka paw paws love […]

Delicious Green Power Smoothie

This versatile smoothie is my go to drink for many reasons. It’s nutritious, filling, nutrient dense and juicy sweet with loads of mango and pineapple! There can be so many variations to this, that’s why this keeper is one of my favorites!! Do you have a favorite combination? Please share! Be sure to grab your […]