Top 12 Plant Based Proteins

Top 12 Plant Based Protein Sources


Growing up the main sources of protein I was aware of mainly came from animal products i.e meats, dairy cheese.

There has been a lot of fear for some surrounding releasing meat consumption, especially growing up Caribbean where the majority of dishes comprise of a large portion of meat. Thank goodness for the Lenten season where mainly fish is consumed.
I’ve spoken to many people, especially the die hard meat lovers would admit that they love meats because of the taste, mainly because that’s what they grow up with, and in reality that is what they were and are bombarded with in daily advertising.

When I began creating relationships with people who consumed mainly plant-based lifestyles, it was interesting to note how easily (and deliciously I might add) they achieved they protein requirements without the use of animal products.
I was certain then that there was a threshold of information I was yet to discover, and there certainly was!

The great thing about society now is that more and more people are coming into a more conscious awareness of the effects of heavy meat consumption has on your body.
Most importantly, meats served within the many industries use not only inhumane practices towards the animals, but sadly many carcinogenic chemicals, additives and hormones to create their products for the most profit.

These additives & chemicals injected into our food system have no place in the human body. In most cases when consumed, your body does not know on its own how to properly discard of these foreign toxins, hormones, chemicals. This is where you’d begin to have side effects. Some of these side effects are more apparent than others. This is also a point where most people fail to realize the food body connection with their illnesses be it in a subtle headache, rashes or on larger scale cancers & diseases.

I recommend watching Food Inc. and Forks over Knives if you would like a deeper viewpoint of practices of the meat industry and the effects of excessive meat consumption.

I am not saying here that all meat is bad. Once its humanely sourced, knowing its process , aka fresh caught wild fish ( from the island ; ), supporting your local farmers who care for their livestock with love without the use of harsh toxins, chemicals or additives is fine by me.

As with all consumption, everything in moderation and balance for what your body is calling for. Practice learning yourself, your body and what truly enlivens it.
The beauty of plant based lifestyles is that it allows you to experiment with many foods. Creating one simple change allows for you to springboard into a beautiful world of health and delicious nutritious foods your body calls for more of.

Plants and their Protein


As with the coming of age, many myths on the limitation of plant based diets are being more and more debunked. One of them being vegan or vegetarians don’t get enough protein. A key thing to remember is that there can be nutrient deficiency within any eating lifestyle.
It’s also great to note that plants carry a large variety of protein through different quantities.
Most medical sources now agree that diets rich in nuts, vegetables, seeds and grains, supplies sufficient amounts of protein for most adults.

Nuts quartet

Within our bodies protein’s job is to help repair tissues and muscles. Proteins are made up of building blocks called amino acids. There are 22 amino acids that can create different types of proteins.

It is important to remember that each individual is different and so will be their protein intake and needed consumption levels. According to the AmericanDietetic Association the average daily protein requirements for in women is 46 – 52 grams per day and with men it is 56 – 63 grams per day.

Double lentils

Acquiring your protein from a variety of plant-based sources is much easier than you’d think. During my transition into a more plant-based diet, I have to admit I was a bit concerned that I was consuming sufficient amounts of protein and how much variety I’d have.
The opposite happened, and as I began delving deeper into nutrition, I found the worlds and foods of raw foodies, vegans and vegetarians to contain an abundance in varieties of nutrient dense foods and cooking methods than I’ve ever been exposed to.

I can go on and on about the bountiful options of plant based diets. To degrees of creating delicious textures and combination loved in the very foods you ate growing up. But I’ll spare you that ramble..

Let’s get into my top 12plant based proteins.

It’s my hope that you read this and feel inspired to understand what’s really in your food and create cleaner more nutritious meals for yourself and loved ones.

In Light,
– Vanessa

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