3 Month BHSB Program

Initial Consultation, 6 sessions, 1 every 2 weeks

BHSB 3 Month is the grand step into The Healthy Sexy life. This program is for those who are seriously committed to improving their life inside out.

It is not only the groundwork to get you on your conscious start and journey to a healthier more confident, sexier and aware you. It is a commitment to loving your body mind and soul the way it needs to be. This is the more integrative option towards your goals.

It is the awakening to your health, awakening to your awareness of food and health choices coupled with the beautiful resilience that lies within you.
Our initial consultation opens the door for us to connect at your core level. It also assists me in understanding your experiences and relationship with food, your goals and challenges, your health focused habits/routines and more.
This is where we begin to clarify your individualized goals tailored to your lifestyle by combining my professional expertise, experience and guidance.

This wonderful groundwork also allows you to strategically view aspects within your own health and body that may not have been as apparent. The Holistic Strategy Roadmap.
Though each individual is different, this option is great for us to also cover additional questions, tips tricks and not so known habits to assist you in leading the healthy sexy lifestyle you so desire.
Our follow up sessions holds space to re-align and or make any necessary adjustments to your pre-tailored goals. Not only will we note improvements, and assess where you are on your conscious life pdf. We also craft experiences, taking note of what surfaces before we transition into 3 to 6 month Conscious Life vision.

What you receive:

  • BHSB Conscious Life pdf
  • Your personalized meal plan tailored to your food preferences
  • Lifestyle recipe plans
  • Grocery Shopping guide
  • Tailored Nutrition Education Enhanced Version**
  • Your Personal Conscious Life Tracker
  • Dietary Theories pdf
  • Additional tip sheets, tricks & inspiration pdf
  • 1 DVD copy Forks over Knives
  • 15% discount on all CaribbeanTastebuds Services & Offers

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