“I had the pleasure of working with Vanessa and I can say she definitely walks her talk. A powerhouse of beauty, knowledge and grace with a body to back it up. Just look at her! I always felt better after being in presence, and she always took the time to really understand my needs. Her passionate approach and caring approach made my transition to healthier eating a welcoming experience and not such a chore I thought it would have been. I absolutely recommend working with her because she has changed my life for the better” – Kris W


“Thank you for being a light to my world. I’ve lost – I should say released 7lbs from simple changes to my diet. Vanessa has helped me improve my relationship with food and the importance of words I use. She is a true gem” – Isabella D

“Vanessa has a boatload of information on nutrition and I love getting her advice. She is a God Sent! Not many people have the energy and focus that she does when it comes to their work, and her joy in doing it always shines through. I didn’t quite understand the differences with vegan vegetarian or simple food combinations and now I do and because of that I am more comfortable in my kitchen. I just love her! “ – Christina L

“Vanessa’s story and ability to relate to me is why I spent time with her coaching. She genuinely took the time to work with me, and was very helpful in her guidance and helping me understand how to improve my diet. I experienced wonderful changes in my body and my confidence raised. She is such a caring & genuine person and I now have to say a world class coach. One of the best decisions I’ve made”. – Tory V

“Vanessa introduced me to juicing and smoothies. I am a diabetic and her influence caused me to invest in a high-speed blender. I have to say that now my blood sugar levels are the lowest they have ever been in years, even when I have a cheat meal! I don’t go a day without my smoothies!” – Augustine P

“All I have to say is schedule your coaching with Vanessa asap before she gets scooped up! Vanessa is genuinely unique and her approach to coaching is brilliantly unmet. I have learnt so much from her, and now my family is inspired to choose healthier options and create those yummy meals. I could go on and on about how she has helped us, but I have to say we wouldn’t have made those changes without her help. She is our blessing and secret weapon”. – Maria E

“I am one of those people who prefer only meats and salad since I’m dieting. The options and style of food she does was amazing, always infusing something special that catered towards my needs, that was awesome. That special attention. ” – Marlon S

“Vanessa’s food resembled that of which I would expect in a dine in restaurant. It was beautiful, tasty and healthy, that sort of combination I’ll take that any day of the week”. – Theo O

“I often questioned some of the menus since the items were new to me, often times I gave it a try and often times I was very pleased. Interesting & delicious cuisine delivered everytime.” – Dwayne C

“Wonderful meals, and unique combination. Mouthwatering, I really enjoyed it.” – Shane L

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