sweet-weakMy love for food began at an early age where I remember climbing trees, picking fruit n laying on the grass devouring my stash.Being a tomboy my energy was always high, and I couldn’t walk to get from place to place. That just took way too long. So I depended on my fruits (the real fast food) to keep me going.

This love for fruits was solidified growing up in the Caribbean, but my true love for cooking began as far back as I can remember.

After early release from school one day, as I got home I found there was nothing in the house to eat! Even though I wasn’t tall enough to see above the stove, I decided to cook some lentils and bake a potato pie.

I couldn’t for the life of me understand how my mother was able to get the peas to look so brown, because as I saw it, they were almost green!

I grabbed my stool, and figured it out.

I then became the one my cousins would come to make the best pizza bread or whatever we wanted to eat.

Fast forward to 4 years ago after catering for fire workers, emergency workers, I realized that the diet in itself was creating a state of emergency! Heavy on the meats, excess oils and dairy….

picking-watermelonsI too would experience slow digestion, oily acne prone skin, low energy..…

Then I’d see cases of high blood pressure and diabetes in my family, and made up my mind that I did not want those things to happen to me.

So I began delving into sources of nutrition, extreme health courses, seminars, raw foods, veganism, and vegetarianism.

All of which not only brought light on important role nutrition has in our lives, but it also took me right back to the foods our granny and great grandparents ate and recognized. The foods I ate growing up.

making-dashI fell right back in love with the energy, lightness and vibrancy that eating whole foods can bring.

I became the go to when friends had questions on foods, herbs or remedies.

My car became known as the health store on wheels.

What I’ve realized with maintaining a healthy lifestyle is that not only is it important to understand the roles of specific foods within our bodies, the food itself must be tasty!

So many times I’ve seen people begin ‘diet’ programs or meal planning then stopping because the food was too boring and they craved ‘cheat meals.’

I absolutely enjoy creating meals I grew up with and making them healthier.

always-wantedI Believe eating healthy should be fun and has to be tasty.

Besides, being from the Caribbean, if it doesn’t taste good, we won’t eat it.

Though I am an advocate for plant based foods, I appreciate that I didn’t delve straight into this way of eating, and don’t expect anyone to do so either.

cooking-upSo many times I’ve seen people get territorial about ways of eating.

I am a whole food lover, and don’t necessarily stand for only one lifestyle of eating.

I love food, and I feel this is a universal love.

I love experiencing different cuisines and cultures. I meet people where they are and combine it with where I come from, so we can both create an amazing symbiosis.

I believe a great chef is able to prepare meals for all lifestyles.
This is why I aspire to understand & prepare many dietary styles.hiking-with

My clients enjoy a mix of foods and I enjoy being able to create delicious meals for all eating types.

Whether you are just health inspired, vegetarian, vegan or raw foodie, I’ve got your back 😉 .

As a Holistic Health Coach I understand that being healthy isn’t solely about what we put into our stomachs but rather an integrative approach to nourishment. It is what we feed our minds, our thoughts, actions and habits.

All of these go together bring about the balance, success and accomplishments that give our lives a deeper meaning.

This is what I do. This is what I love!

It’s time to claim your Healthy Sexy Back!
Let me teach you how to cook your life!

Founder of CaribbeanTastebuds.com Vanessa’s mission is to inspire and enhance people’s lives through educating them on integrative nutritious foods, and delicious recipes, leading to a healthier, happier more energized life. One person, one family, one household at a time

Graduating high school at the age of 16 Vanessa moved to the U.S where she completed her honors degree while starting her own business. She went on to work within the business field and frequently travelled to from the Caribbean. Vanessa’s passion for nutrition and food called her right back to creating delicious recipes, educating and coaching women who desire more health & vibrancy in their lives. Her style and food is as vibrant and diverse as the land of her birth.

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